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Diagnostic & Preventive Dental Services
Regular & Periodontal Prophylaxis
Regular dental hygiene and routine periodontal exams allow Bayview Dental Associates to monitor your oral health and clean under your gum line where it is difficult to reach with a toothbrush. Our experienced doctors can take care of your entire family.

Fluoride Treatments
Fluoride applications help to strengthen the enamel on your teeth and is especially important for children. Fluoride is also especially important for patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment and older adults with conditions such as low salivary flow and/or exposed root surfaces or recession. For cavity prevention, it is recommended that children receive an exam and fluoride treatment every six months.

Sealants are a protective coating applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to help prevent decay in the hard-to-reach grooves. Dental sealants are typically applied as a child's permanent teeth erupt, although adult molars can also be sealed if there is no evidence of decay.

Nightguard Therapy (Occlusal Guard)
Also known as an Occlusal Guard, Nightguards are used to prevent damage to chewing surfaces of the teeth due to grinding or clenching. Nightguard Therapy is a successful and highly recommended option for patients with TMJ dysfunction. By creating an acrylic pattern of your teeth, Bayview Dental Associates can help protect your teeth from unnecessary wear.

Emergency Services
Our automated phone system makes Bayview Dental Associates available 24 hours a day. For any dental emergency that may arise outside of regular business hours you can call 207-846-0979 and leave your name, telephone number, and a brief message as to the nature of your dental problem. One of the Bayview Dentists will respond to your call as soon as possible.

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